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How To Lose 4 Pounds In A Week?

Losing 4 pounds in a week requires lot of efforts from your side. The basic equation of weight loss is for losing one pound of fat you will have to burn 3500 calories. Therefore, to lose 4 pounds in a week you will have to create a diet plan that keeps you at 1300 calories a day. Creating a deficit of 1000 calories per day will let you lose 2 pounds of fat per week. In addition to this deficit, if you add an exercise plan that would burn 1000 calories per day you can reach your goal.

To start with you can focus on cutting carbs and following a low calorie diet. Acclaimed weight loss programs like Nutrisystem and Medifast probably would help you achieve your goal. In fact, when following Nutrisystem you will be asked to follow Turbo 13 diet plan in the first month which helps you lose up to 13 lbs and 7 inches of weight loss in the first month. Later on you will be asked to choose any of the regular plans of Nutrisystem which help you lose from 1 to 2 lbs per week at a steady pace. Medifast provides the same amount of weight loss through its low calorie meal replacements. Check Jane Seymour site to go through a comparison review on these two diet programs.

When you make healthy breakfast choices that are filled with protein and fiber, it keeps you feeling full for a longer time. Adding eggs, skimmed milk, avocado and a small portion of fresh fruits ensures that you get a balanced meal to start your day with. If you take a cup of green tea during the breakfast it would boost your metabolism which leads to weight loss. Finally, include workouts that not only focus on specific areas but give a whole body workout.…


Are Black Beans High In Carbs?

Losing weight up to 60 pounds in a specific period of time is certainly a big goal as you will have to lose a few extra pounds than two pounds per week. In order to lose 1 pound of fat you will have to shed 3500 calories in total through eating fewer calories or working out more. Therefore, to lose about 2 pounds a week you will have to create a deficit of 7000 calories per week. This may not be attainable considering your current body weight, diet and the exercise routine. However, if you start following healthy eating habits and work out on a regular basis you will start experiencing the weight loss in your body.

If you want to lose weight desperately but not sure about the ways to accomplish, you can seek help of diet programs like Nutrisystem. When following Nutrisystem diet plans, exercising is not mandatory and you will be able to shed pounds with their effective weight loss foods. Turbo 13, which is its recent launch, claims to provide 13 lbs and 7 inches of weight loss in the first month. After completing the first month with Turbo 13, you can follow any of the standard plans and continue losing weight. Go through the detailed review in to learn about Turbo 13.

Black Beans is a source of carbohydrates which also pack good amount of protein and fiber. These components make them a good part of healthy diet. Canned beans can also become a part of your healthy diet but they contain high level of sodium. When you compare the canned beans with dried beans, the canned beans contain a higher amount of sodium. A cup of dried beans contain 8 grams of protein and fiber each which is thirty percent more than that found in canned beans. Therefore dried beans have more nutritional value when compared to canned beans.…


The Best Spas in Singapore in 2018

When you are looking for spas across Singapore, it could be quite overwhelming as the number of outlets here is too many when compared to other places. This city is filled with beauty products and spa places, you name a brand and it is easier to find here. It just gets easier when all your beauty needs are met under the same roof as there are sap centers which also sell some products that they recommend. The professionals give you expert skin care regimen which you could put to use and can visibly see the difference after using.

This year, you can easily line up spas as your favorite or put them up on your to visit list. The latest reviews and customer ratings suggest that Alleviate fish spa is the one that is topping their charts right now. Imperial apple spa comes closely behind with almost all customers giving a happy feedback on both the experience and the treatment procedure. It is always important to keep in mind certain things while you rate a spa –

Ambience – It is important to have a serene and relaxing ambiance for you to relax all your muscles.

Hygiene – It is quite important that the place maintain basic hygiene. You can find this by having a look at the place and accessories.

Expert professionals – This is the most important factor in their art is what will make your muscles relax and allow you to have some fun time. It is important that you feel comfortable with the staff allocated to you. The very best facial in Singapore is provided by experts.

Products – Now many people will never take a risk on their skin. It is important to see the products are all branded and how skin friendly they are. Not all branded products go well on all skin types.…


Best Ways To Sell Weight Loss Solutions

One of the major problems or a mania in the younger generation of today is the increasing kilos. There are many major reasons for this issue and the major one is the changing lifestyles, eating habits and also the advent of the fast food concept. Ok now that we know the problem and the reasons behind it, instead of brooding over how and why it is better to look for ways in which this can be sorted out.

Fruitful ways

There are a number of ways in which you can actually help your body shed your extra pounds but are all these permanent? Will they really give you a solution without a side-effect? As posted rightly, not all of these alternatives are effective and hold on the effect for a longer time. A few might be defective or lose its efficacy after some time and hence it is always important to take time in getting to know the right thing for your body that would give you a permanent result.

There are a lot of programs and courses these days that promise to offer you an effective result like the Turbo 13. There has already been a lot of such dietary courses and programs before in the earlier days and here is a new one from their hands in the market. Turbo 13 program was newly launched which comes with the tag ` lose up to 13lbs & 7 inches`. This is something exciting and very attractive too. This program can give you visible results in just a month after its use and you will feel a lot of changes in your weight as well as you improved waistline. This program is very reliable and is probably the best one for all those who are obsessed with their kilos. So without a delay try this out today.…


Useful Tips To Improve Your Sewing Machine Skills

I am smitten by embroidery:

I love the look of colorful embroidery on my clothes. Growing up in the Indian subcontinent in the 1980s and 90s meant that we never queued into shopping malls (there weren’t any then) or to the dressmaker’s shop unless we wanted a dress for an important occasion like a wedding of a close relative.

For the rest of the times, the ladies of the house would sew clothes right from their homes for themselves and their family. I remember my mother stitching even our school uniforms for us; she would take only a few nights and voila!

Cut to the present time:

With reminisces of my maternal grandmother, I decided to buy a sewing machine for myself. My grandmother was instrumental in my learning embroidery and I wanted to be able to connect with the art to pay a tribute to her memories. I started looking out at the stores near me but the problem with me was that it was years since I had lost touch. I had even lost track of the mechanism that the sewing machine used. I could only gather a few jargons like the bobbin, the stab needle etc.

I logged on to the internet review sites to seek help:

And I must say that it was the best thing to do. I realized that there was a wealth of information about sewing machines on these sites. One of the sites gave me a complete chart of the best five models of sewing machine broken down into various categories such as price, weight, features, number of stitches possible and the power wattage required.

Information at my fingertip:

I felt empowered with so much information at my fingertip. I decided to follow the link to buy online the best sewing machine for home use. I got a wonderful deal by using up the promo code that was available and redeemable on the model of the machine that I liked. I am so glad that I did the right thing.…


Can I Buy a Butt Plug for Him and Her

Shopping for the princess butt plugs is not very difficult if you know what you are looking for. If you are new to buying love plugs and want to explore the thrill that it has to offer then you could start this adventure by using the one made for beginners.

These come in slim and small shapes and they are also very easy to use. They are designed to let the body adjust to any backdoor play. You could either choose a traditional one or a simple one. The beginner variants give some extra functions like vibrations. If you wish to get your body trained for the bigger sized sex toys then you could start with the butt plug made for beginners.

You can arouse your feelings with the simple plug like the princess butt plug. These are classy toys that let you experience the fun of having anal sex. The standard design is a simple cone like or a spherical shape which has a pointed or rounded tip. This allows easy insertion of the plug and also allows for maximum stretching. This is the traditional one through.

There are today butt plugs in various styles and designs and this lets you experience a lot of fun.

Try out the one with animal tail. This definitely lets you go wild and unleashes the animal in you. This lets you enjoy an extra kinky play and your lover would get fantasies seeing the plug inside you.

The anal sex toy comes in various designs like ponies and rabbits and other borrowed anima; tails. They look adorable and erotic and most of them are made using glass. This makes sliding easy and is also comfortable to be worn.

So go and experience the adventure and try out the various butt plugs both for you and your partner.…


Where does your pet sleep?

Each dog has a different sleep pattern. The place where the dog prefers to doze also would vary from one dog to another. But as a pet owner one of the very first things to ensure is to offer a great sleeping spot for the dog. This would help the dog snooze better. Dogs do need proper doze to keep them active and healthy. Lack of proper slumber can make the dog dull and drowsy and make it less immune to infections.

The age of the dog

Where the dog slumbers would depend on the age of the dog and other lifestyle choices as well. Though pet owners love letting their dogs doze in their beds this doesn’t usually happen when the dog is too small and when the dog is not housebroken.

If the dog has a crate creating a separate region where the dog can finish his business would ensure quicker and more efficient training. This would make sure that the dog learns the difference between his slumber area and potty area. Buying a dog bed or crate too early might be a bad choice. Dog beds designed for puppies and smaller dog breeds would be better in this case. These would help the dog snooze better rather than letting them doze in an extra-large crate or a large dog bed.

Dogs with special needs

If the dog has some health conditions that would require him to be given special sleep environment it would be a totally different scenario. Old dogs might also prefer to snooze on a cozy bed which is at a low height from the ground. This would be easy for the dog to use whenever it wants.

So where does your dog snooze? Fancy Dog Beds are now available but before you make a choice understand what is best for your dog.…


Easiest ways to tune your guitar

The first thing that you do when you pick up your guitar is to check if it is still in tune. If not, you need to tune your guitar first. There are three basic ways to tune a guitar, tuning by itself, by using harmonics, or simply by using a tuner. Whichever method you choose, tuning a guitar can be quite easy.

As an easy method, let us learn how to tune a guitar using a tuner

  • The quick and easiest option is to use a digital tuner. These are compact, battery operated devices that are fitted with microphones and are able to pick up the notes of your guitar. Switch ON the device and play an open “E” string. If the guitar is tuned correctly, a light will appear on the device. If not, re-adjust the string until the guitar is in tune. Once the “E” string is tuned, repeat the process with the remaining A, D, G, B, E strings. If the guitar is an electric one, then all you need to do is to plug the cord directly into the digital tuner and check its tuning rather than using the microphone.
  • There are many tuner apps available online. You can try tuning your guitar using one of these apps for ease. These principles of working behind these apps are similar to that of a digital tuner. The steps to follow are similar to the ones mentioned under digital tuner. Here your smartphone’s microphone plays the role of the digital tuner’s microphone.
  • For the internet lovers, all you have to do is use an online tuner. Most websites allow you to choose which string you want to tune. You can then listen to the tone of the correct pitch and then adjust the string until it sounds right. There is no microphone in this case so you will have to listen carefully to match the notes played on the internet with that of your guitar.
  • Saving the best for the last, good news for those who loathe tuning guitars almost every single day, here is the all-new EverTune Guitar Bridge. Once incorporated, you will never have to tune your guitar. Now this is music to ears.


Picking the right material for your indoor/outdoor furniture

When it comes to choosing a furniture the decision is as tough as buying a new house! Furniture defines the character of a house and this is why choosing the right type of furniture is important. In the end, furniture that is expensive but withers away in a short while would end up to be a waste of money and this is why the choice of the material of the furniture is crucial.

Indoor furniture would have to withstand moisture build up while outdoor furniture would have to withstand all types of weather extremities. Choosing furniture that can exclusively be used indoor or those that are meant only for the outdoor is not a great choice. It would be better to invest in multi-purpose furniture that can be used both indoor and outdoor. Choosing the right material is the most important aspect here. And you could also invest in some versatile pieces like ottomans, benches, bean bags and others which can be customized in a million ways. You could use these bean bag cubes for extra seating indoor as well as outdoor.

Versatile choices:

If you are looking for materials that can be used both indoor and outdoor, here are some options:

  1. Wood:

The classic option can suit any theme. Paint it and match it with your interiors or leave the rustic beauty to decorate a porch. Choose the right wood treatments based on where you use them.

  1. Wicker:

This is another eco-friendly option which is also pretty light in weight compared with other materials.

  1. Aluminum:

Aluminum furniture are great choices in modern homes and can be used both indoor and outdoor.

  1. Plastic:

This is the most common choice when it comes to choosing versatility. And the best part is that this is less expensive than most other options.…


Accessorize Minimal But Right

Step out in style with reinforced confidence. When you accessorize yourself with a name that has an identity of its own, you know you cannot go wrong. Gucci is one brand that speaks volumes about itself.

Gucci is a world renowned luxury brand that has created a revolution in the fashion industry. A powerhouse of innovation, style, and confidence just the name is enough to create an intimidating impression.

But, Gucci is not just about their name. They have a myriad collection of luxury products for men, women, and children.

The women can pamper themselves with the choicest picks in handbags, shoes, accessories, evening wear, and much more.

What are the Gucci Handbags like? 

Being a native Italian brand, Gucci has always had unsurpassed quality leather in all their handbags. The styles are crafted keeping their traditional styles in mind along with staying in the lead with the latest trends.

With an unbelievable assortment of handbags to pick from, you will surely be spoilt for choices.

Gucci handbags are an expensive affair

It is true that all good things come with a price. Gucci is a tag that adds value to anything and everything. When you pay for Gucci, you know it is going to worth every penny.

However, now buying a Gucci bag need not burn a hole in your pocket. With the Gucci Handbag sale, you can shop for all the handbags you like at substantial savings.

Choose from a wide collection of Gucci handbags ranging in many choices. Check out some of the choices available at a discounted price:

  • Top Handle bags
  • Boston Bags
  • Totes
  • Shoulder bags
  • Hobos
  • Crossbody Bags
  • Backpacks
  • Mini Bags
  • Clutches
  • Evening bags
  • Wallets
  • Exotic collection and much more.

You can go through the complete collection of products available for sale and choose the ones you like the most. Be sure to take maximum advantage of this opportunity. Be first or regret later.…