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I Keep Being Enquired For My Choice Of Pooches’ beds

B1879 1          I Keep Being Enquired For My Choice Of Pooches’ beds

I am always questioned:

Friends and family who come home often and people from work who drop in once in a while have always known me to be a practical housekeeper. They know my choice for minimalistic furniture and they know how much I like my spaces to be open and clutter free.

Why minimalism?

When I started out with furnishing my house, there was one thing that was very clear in my head and that was to get only as much furniture as there is a need for. I could do with slightly lesser furniture also but never too much. The idea of having spaces and racks empty and ready to be filled with does not definitely go down well with me.

Cluttering is not my kind of world:

I would rather give away a thing that is lying around for as long as six months than store it for ages hoping that one day I would definitely have use for it. Besides, I work full time and that does not give me the time or the inclination o pull down each wardrobe at a time and re arrange them. Why keep on acquiring when you have enough?

And then my choice of the pooches’ bed:

I decided to buy elevated dog beds for my two pooches only because I found them to be not only durable and easy to clean from under but because there are some very practical advantages to using such beds.  One it helps to maintain an ideal temperature for my babies and also it helps them stay active. Face the fact, how would you like if you had to sleep on a fluffy sofa all day long; wouldn’t you feel stiff? Then why do you think the dogs would be comfortable.

A lot of my friends have copied my idea and they tell me that it is the best thing that has happened to their dogs! Whoa!!…