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Useful Tips To Improve Your Sewing Machine Skills

I am smitten by embroidery:

I love the look of colorful embroidery on my clothes. Growing up in the Indian subcontinent in the 1980s and 90s meant that we never queued into shopping malls (there weren’t any then) or to the dressmaker’s shop unless we wanted a dress for an important occasion like a wedding of a close relative.

For the rest of the times, the ladies of the house would sew clothes right from their homes for themselves and their family. I remember my mother stitching even our school uniforms for us; she would take only a few nights and voila!

Cut to the present time:

With reminisces of my maternal grandmother, I decided to buy a sewing machine for myself. My grandmother was instrumental in my learning embroidery and I wanted to be able to connect with the art to pay a tribute to her memories. I started looking out at the stores near me but the problem with me was that it was years since I had lost touch. I had even lost track of the mechanism that the sewing machine used. I could only gather a few jargons like the bobbin, the stab needle etc.

I logged on to the internet review sites to seek help:

And I must say that it was the best thing to do. I realized that there was a wealth of information about sewing machines on these sites. One of the sites gave me a complete chart of the best five models of sewing machine broken down into various categories such as price, weight, features, number of stitches possible and the power wattage required.

Information at my fingertip:

I felt empowered with so much information at my fingertip. I decided to follow the link to buy online the best sewing machine for home use. I got a wonderful deal by using up the promo code that was available and redeemable on the model of the machine that I liked. I am so glad that I did the right thing.…